About RocknRollDating

Have you ever thought it a little odd that with all the dating sites out there, none of them seem to recognize the relevance of music compatibility in relationships? Ever gone out with someone only to find that their tastes in music are so far off the mark, that you couldn’t imagine being in a long-term relationship with them? Many of us have, and it is for that reason that RocknRollDating.com was created.

RocknRollDating.com is the first Rock-centric online dating website geared towards anybody who identifies with any genre of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a way of life. Music is such an important part of our lives, and we think it’s about time that there was a dating site that helped singles who identify with the “rock and roll lifestyle” find relationship matches on the Internet.

This site was created for music fanatics looking to find potential matches for the sake of dating, meaningful relationships and even marriage.

Better yet, RocknRollDating.com is FREE. We are supported entirely by advertising, so there are no reoccurring monthly fees. We do NOT ask for your credit card information, and instead ask that you give our advertisers some love in exchange.

The wait is over…

Fans of Punk, Goth, Metal, Indie Rock, Stoner Rock, Jam Bands, Rockabilly, and even mainstream Arena Rock can now find each other, catch some live music, have some fun and fall in love.

FREE online dating for the Rock Star in all of us!