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51 years old, Male

Sign: Libra
Interested in: Women
For: LTR / Marriage
Last login: Fri Oct 7, 2016


"Silent lucidity For those about to Rock"
I am into: Metal / Hard Rock, Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
Sees Live Music: Less than once a month
Smoking: Don't Smoke
Drinking: Don't Drink
Drugs: Don't Do Drugs
Body: 5' 10" / Slim/Slender
Kids? None
Religion: Catholic
Education: 2 Year
What makes me laugh? anything funny/true
My first concert was: so many cant remember
My favorite song lyric is: Have a drink on me, Don't need nothing but a good time. For those about to rock, So here it is, another chance Wide awake you face the day Your dream is over Or has it just begun?, There's a place I like to hide A doorway that I run to in the night
Dealbreakers: No drugs
My name is Chuck I am 5'10" 150lb long blonde hair blue eyes. Here are a few things I know I am and or have been told by others: Down to earth, easy going, open & honest, good sense of humor, loyal, very humble, high in common sense, and totally into reality. I am a very clean and organized kind of person. Very dependable and trustworthy, always helping others. I am currently the Creator and C.E.O. of my Organic Hydration Beverage company, an Author and a Trainer (Everything from walking to marathon running) One of my Company's products is Marathon Gold (this generation's Gatorade but Marathon Gold is 100% Organic) Also have "Instant Hydrator" and "Instant Hydrator for Animals" The first book I wrote is called "Marathon Man" (It's a true life story and about reaching within) If you have any ideas of starting to walk (fast/hills/distance/or just to tone/get in shape) and or any kind of running I can give you a hand. I do some VIP Marathon training too. "I have run in and finished 42 marathons" I have had a lot of emails asking am I looking for a runner (no, I am not looking for a runner, walks together are much nicer) "I am not a vain person at all, I rarely ever talk about myself, just forced to write about myself here so you can get to know the real me" At the age of 6, I was a County and State Checker, and Chess champion for four straight years. "I recently beat a computer chess game on its highest level (15)" I was very athletic and active growing up A baseball pitcher and shortstop for 6 years. At the age of 10, I was blessed with my brother. A long hair hippy in the 80%u2019s and an 80%u2019s rock band member. I graduated from Washington Lee High School (one year in front of Sandra Bullock). Truly blessed with a Daughter at the age of 20. "I brought her up as a single Dad" I have been told many many times "You are so cool and smart and you don't even know it" Brains, Athletic, Honest, and Cool (Well Balanced) LOL When I was 22 I had an injury and was told I may never walk again and to get use to a wheelchair, I have since run in and finished 42 marathons, and created and ran "Run Across The USA" A lot of V.I.P's ran with me. *80's Rock & Roller, was songwriter and lead vocals In an 80's band (in the 80's)* Catholic School Teacher, Basketball and Soccer Coach. Marathon Runner. VIP Marathon Trainer. Author I Wrote a book about "reaching within" (Marathon Man) Brought up my daughter as a single Dad she is now 30 and doing well on her own. Now currently creator & C.E.O of my Organic hydration beverage company. I am the kind of person who always does for others, and I take care of a lot of animals. Horses, Chickens, Dogs and more. (I have my kitty and two goats) yes I said goats. My twin boys are now 7 years old. I built them a real two floor log cabin. I added solar power now they have heat, tunes & a Fan. Building it all with no electricity. Yes I have long blonde hair and have had it since I was about 14 years old, but now I have it back in a ponytail to look respectable in this "PC" world. A true 80's Hairband kind of guy. Always told "you have the nicest hair" Well I am lucky at 50 its still all there. No its never been colored curled or straightened or even blown dried "All natural I wash it, let it dry, and brush it. Those are all questions I am asked all the time. Sometimes I think about getting my hair cut? Maybe my future wife can help with that decision. I am Looking for a nice, honest Woman to share and enjoy life with. Someone I can think of and do for her and her for me. Someone who would like to take walks together, enjoy going out, enjoy watching TV and Chillin together, maybe even giving each other foot rubs and totally relaxing together. A Woman who wants to just be herself and have fun and be as one.